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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Does The Installation Take?

The entire installation will take a day to complete if we manage to get the specifications of your site on time, especially working out the mounting design.

How Will My Billing Be Done?

After installation the client is given directions on how to make monthly payment prior the due date. Internet billing recurs every 30days. We send alerts prior the dates.

Is Your Internet Reliable?

We source our internet from one of the most established Service providers in Africa. With our years of service with them, it is highly unlikely for a downtime to adhere more than 24hrs. In a period of 30days, we guarantee 98% network stability. As we are a startup, we are working to guarantee 100% network stability as we progress. We keep our clients informed whenever critical disruptions are observed.

What Are The Terms and Conditions For The Free Installation?

You can view the document under TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Do You Have a Financing Program?

Yes, we do. You will need to reside in an owned residence to qualify. The minimum down payment starts from Ksh. 8,500. The remaining balance is paid in installments until complete.

What If I Want to Change to Your Service From a Different Internet Provider?

Before the next steps, we will need to check whether you have all the necessary internet devices that are compatible with our access points, most importantly the Wireless Radio Antennae. If there is a clear line of sight without changing the mount design, then you will only need to pay for a preferred monthly subscription package. Any other modifications will incur costs.

How Much Will It Cost If I Can Source All The Equipment Needed?

In this case, only labor costs and the subscription package will be charged. It is recommended that the client confirms with us the correct specifications of the equipment beforehand so as to avoid any equipment failure or damage.

Do You Offer More Speeds Than 10mbps?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information regarding the packaging.

What Are The Conditions For a Building Installation?

We strive in facilitating affordable internet installation whenever we can, for this, we approach a tenant who will be our lead client. Any communication with the building's caretaker will be through the lead client. Contact us for more details.

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